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What a great message. I wish all characters were this nice. Does anyone know what this is from?

^^ lol at that comment

it’s weird to think that there are people that find themselves too skinny.
it’s weird to think that there are people that find themselves overweight.
it’s even weirder to think there are people that are perfectly comfortable with the way they look, whether it be that they are really skinny, or overweight.

it’s weird that everyone has insecurities, even if they’re beautiful human beings just they way they are to you.


Dreamer’s Disease // letlive. [x]


Last time I saw him he was in the courtyard of Winterfell. He said next time I see you you’ll be all in black. I was jealous of Robb my whole life. The way my father looked at him… I wanted that. He was better than me at everything… fighting and hunting and riding and girls… gods the girls loved him.

such baaaaaabes


"Anxiety is the organ by which the subject appropriates sorrow and assimilates it. Anxiety is the energy of the movement by which sorrow bores its way into one’s heart."

Text: Søren Kierkegaard, Either/Or … Image: John Cassavetes, A Woman Under the Influence

this is my favorite part of american horror story murder house






This guy.

I’m calling it now.

I see great things ahead for this guy.


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Too bad he’s quitting acting after GoT :(

So babe. So so so so SO babe.


lol sigh I remember being 17 and thinking I was fat. Wish I could go back and tell myself to appreciate it. I’ve gotta get back to this weight.

I always thought, and still do, how you wear the cutest outfits. You weren’t fat then and you aren’t fat now. Just super pretty!