On-sale Friday at www.FusionShows.com! 

THIS. THIS. THIS. Do you know how excited I am for this show?


Anthony during I Felt Free.
Photo credit to Jackie of Alco.

can i just say, for all of my followers in michigan, you have got to go to fusionshows.com and attend as many of those shows as you can.
last night before circa’s soundcheck, nate (one of fusion shows’ owners)  tweeted “anthony green’s a nice guy”. that’s it- no shock, no bragging,  but all sincerity. just recognizing the good in something. that’s the  kind of attitude those guys go into everything with. they’re  the most lovely bunch of people, and they’re doing so much good. fusion’s bringing some of the best music to the state (supported by some  really, really wonderful locals) and letting you all buy tickets for a  low cost, without fees. if you don’t understand the benefits of that,  try going to shows anywhere else in the country. they’re not just doing  things that benefit consumers, either- they give local bands an honest,  fighting chance, and get behind bands they believe in 200%.
if you  had the time of your life at the circa survive show, if you’re stoked  that mutemath, alesana, the black dahlia murder, etc are all coming…  do yourself a huge favour and check out their website and their tumblr,  and grab tickets to their other shows. they’re doing some seriously  awesome things for michigan music, but it’s up to you all to support it  and keep it going.

^^^ THIS. Every exact reason I’m proud I work for this company.


CIRCA SURVIVE performing “Frozen Creek” at last night’s SOLD OUT show in Lansing! 


Lydia’s first full-length album since 2008 will be released on 10/4! They’ll be returning to Michigan to play The Pike Room in Pontiac on 10/26 with  								Speak, Austin Gibbs, and Sunlight Ascending opening up the show.
Tickets are available now at fusionshows.com.

Grab your tickets soon, space is limited!


Last year this show sold out and then some, help us raise money for a great cause!

I can’t even begin to explain how much I love this. The photo is so great. Great bands, great dudes, let’s sell this thing out again. 


On July 16, Michigan said goodbye to one of its best bands. Your Best Friend will be missed!

We wish Dale, John, Nick, and Steven the best of luck in the future!

10 seconds in, embarrassment. But, I meant what I said.


On-Sale Friday at 10AM!

SOSAVEME releases their new album “The Garden” in Lansing this fall!

With Squid the Whale and others !

CONTEST: We’re giving away a 4-pack of tickets to this show plus passes to ride the Grand Princess riverboat during Melon Fest weekend!